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Dr. Cheung has a fellowship in Biomechanics and Orthopedics and other fellowship in Sports Medicine and Surgery.  Dr Cheung  utilizes his training and his 16 years of experience to identify biomechanical, orthopedic and sports medical conditions and formulate the best treatment plan for you. Some of the those plans can include orthotic or bracing,which is a specialty in the Biomechanics and Orthopedic Fellowship. He is able to make pathology specific bracing and orthotics which can eliminate or improve your conditions than standard bracing or custom orthotics. He can also examine and possibile modify existing orthotics which you have been prescribe by a previous podiatrist or physician if they are not resolving your condition. Some medical conditions do not require a custom orthotic and Dr Cheung and prescribe over-the-counter orthotics and modify them to increase their abilit to relieve your conditions.  This is a much more inexpensive way to resolve the condition.

The orthotics are casted by hand with the patient in a loaded nonweightbearing technique. This is a time consuming technique, but it has the best ability to have your hip, knee, and foot placed in neutral when walking and running. This can lead to the best results in resolving any pain or symptoms in those areas

GENERAL PURPOSE ORTHOTIC                                                                                                                          These are general purpose custom orthotics which are hand made and backed by the lab 100 percent, and are constructed of the best quality materials available. These orthotics can be fashioned for any combination of activities.

Hallux limitus (Arthritis in the first toe joint) and Hallux Abductovalgus (Bunions) generally occur when there is restriction of the the 1st metatarsal from moving upward during walking or running. There are many contributing conditions which can cause this, but the basis is there is to much force under the 1st toe joint.  Arthritis and Bunions of the 1st toe joint are a result of too much pressure under the 1st toe joint. Because this is a biomechanical problem, orthotics can be used to reduce the pressure and stabilize the joint if other inital treatment modalitis do not work.  An orthotic can be modified to significantly reduce the pressure under the 1st toe joint and stabilize the arthritic joint or bunion deformity. 

Metatarsalgia (pain on the ball of the foot) generally occurs when there is too much pressure under the ball of the foot. There can be many conditions which can cause this. This conditions can be a symptom and a diagnosis, but the treatment can be similarby reducing  the pressure under the ball of the foot. If other treatment modalities fail, orthotics can be used to reduce the excessive pressure under the ball of the foot.                                                                                                          

Dr. Cheung uses two different labs for running orthotics, one of which fabricates orthotics for the US Olympic team.  Dr Cheung has treated Professional Triathletes  and Runners which have benefited and attest to these running specific orthotics. With the requisite biomechanical exam you will have the best orthotic available.

Dr. Cheung has also treated many professional atheles and amatuers cyclist   The procycle orthotics were developed for cycling. These feather light footbeds are rigid carbon fiber, like high-end frames and components, and are as thin as a sheet of paper. Each foot is individually casted for full custom support.

When using procycle orthotics, your interface with a cleated shoe will not allow excessive motion of the foot (pronating) or non-linear knee action. The knee and lower leg will track up and down in a non-distorted fashion, thereby reducing knee and foot injury and overuse symptoms.

The process starts with handmade molds of the entire foot, and the carbon inserts are then handcrafted for a perfect fit. There is not a better, lighter, more rigid device as these are for cycling only.

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